Monday, May 4, 2009

Please Help...

Ok so I guess I need to recruit some idea helpers. MY DAUGHTER IS NOT POTTY TRAINED! She turned three in March and she wants NOTHING to do with it. We went for a couple of months with some pretty good progress, but for the last little while--- NOTHING! Maci is an extremely stubborn little thing. Potty charts, treat jars, blowing a magic whistle (our pediatrician's idea) blah blah blah.... Nothing has worked. Does anyone have any great ideas? Carson and Kadynce just did it on their own. I really did not even have to try, but she is so hard! Ideas Please~!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Linsey's Safe Arrival

Yeah! She made it... Linsey has officially arrived in Ukraine and is now fast asleep in her cute new little room. We were anxious to hear from her. (My mother about went nuts!) She called my on Skype a little after noon today. We got to see and talk to her. How amazing... We can see her when she is half way around the world!
** Linsey, we are so glad you made it there safe. Your host family sounds amazing and we can't wait to meet them. We can't wait to talk to you tomorrow. Skype me as soon as you can! Love you!**

Friday, December 5, 2008

Cute Pics

A couple of Sundays ago Nicole took these darling pics of the kids. I am so greatful to have photo savy sisters and sister-in-laws because the pictures they take are pretty much the ONLY pictures I have of my kids. I really struggle with taking pics and liking the ones I take! Thanks Nicole! These look great. (Check out the rest at


Carson has been playing on an indoor soccer team this past couple of months. I have to say, it is so fun to watch! It is very intense and I have a hard time sitting down being quiet. I know if I had to be the one listening to me yell, I would want to tell myself to SHUT UP! It is just really hard to control! Anyway, this last game we took Ryker over with us. Carson and Ryker have played soccer together on the same team since I think about Kindergarten. They play so well together. They ended up winning 11-9 and Carson and Ryker scored ten of the eleven goals! Good job boys. Their team played so great together. It really is fun to watch when they really get in and work as a team. Great passes, great defending, and great teamwork!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Tagged, kind of a fun one....

5 TV shows I watch...
2.King of Queens
4.The View
5.Brady Bunch (I know, Kadynce Loves It, and so do I)

5 Restaurants I enjoy...
1.Olive Garden
3. Tepenyakis
4. Copper Mill

5 Things I have done today...
1.Made Spider Suckers for Preschool
2.Went to post office and bank
3.ordered new cell phone
5.Home work

5 Things I am looking forward to...
4.No More Diapers... EVER!!
5.Election being OVER!

5 Things I love about Fall...
1.Kids stay inside more
4.Time Change (Fall Back!)

5 Things on my Wish List...
1.My house totally finished
2.Early Graduation! (Yeah right)
3.New Car
4.New Couches for living room
5.Christmas shopping done in November

I tag everyone who reads this, it is kind of fun to think about!